• The HSC110SS has a photo-electric (PE) sensor that automatically turns on the load at dusk and off at a pre-determined time, or at dawn.
• Three operating modes, easily set by switches.
– Simple dusk-dawn run mode - turns on at dusk and off at dawn.
– Timer mode - turns on at dusk and runs for a pre-set length of time.
– ECO mode - turns on at dusk, off during the middle of the night, and back on again for a period until dawn.
• Using the switches, the on time can be set in 15 minute increments, from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 15.75 hours.
• ECO-mode saves electricity by only operating during the busy periods after duskand before dawn and turning off during unneeded times in the middle of the night.
• A turn ON delay and a turn OFF delay of 1 minute each prevent uncertain switching in the event of momentary blocking of the sensor (during daylight), or short-term illumination when running (during night).

Product Attributes

Degree of protection (IP) IP56
Engaging brightness 15-30 lx
Rated voltage 220 V
UOM Each
Category Twilight Switch
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