Clipsal’s one occupancy Sensor

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Finally, an affordable Sensor that has every angle covered! CLIPSAL-LOGO-bySchneider

While the 752 Dual-Tech Occupancy Sensor has many outstanding features, the single biggest benefit you will appreciate, is confidence.

The innovative Clipsal 752 Dual-Tech Occupancy Sensor features both ultrasonic and passive infrared (PIR) sensing technology, a 300W LED load rating, the choice of either flush or surface-mounting thanks to two included bases, and an optional remote control to make set-up and configuration faster and easier.

It will be suitable for virtually any commercial indoor application; from offices, board rooms, class rooms and lecture theatres, to toilets, foyers/entry areas and hallways. The included bases for flush or surface mounting and affordable remote control option, will save time and money on installation.

Click HERE to purchase online! 

Best-in-class accuracy and zero misses will be achieved, thanks to PIR and ultrasonic dual-technology that senses minor and major movement, both in and out of line of sight. While PIR is good for detecting people in line of sight, ultrasonic does this even when sight is obstructed. A combination of both ensures full coverage by sensing minor and major movements, while also screening out nuisance or false triggering.

It allows lighting to only be activated when presence is detected, helping to substantially reduce energy consumption and assist you in achieving a 6-Star Energy Rating. When coupled with LED lighting, even greater savings can be made. Click below to download the brochure!





Clean Energy Councils NEW App for Solar installers

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A new iPhone app released by the Clean Energy Council will help make it easier for solar installers and businesses to Clean Energykeep track of all their jobs, perform high quality installation work and cut down on administration!

Clean Energy Council Accreditation Manager Kate Allsopp said the iPhone app was one of many ways the industry body was helping raise standards and make life simpler for solar installers and solar businesses.

“The Clean Energy Council’s Solar Checklist app includes detailed information for each step of a solar installation and is a way of recording and verifying that every job has been installed to the highest standards. It incorporates a barcode scanner, up-to-date technical help, and a way of linking photos as well,” Ms Allsopp said. “The bottom line is that it will help solar installers document the details of each solar installation, provide handy prompts and save a substantial amount of time and paperwork.”

The Solar Checklist app is available for Clean Energy Council-accredited solar installers to download from the iTunes store. It is optimised for iPhone 5 but should work on all models as well as the iPad. An Android version of the app is currently in development. “Solar power has been a game-changer for Australia’s energy industry and installers are always looking for ways to keep up with the latest changes in technology and standards,” Ms Allsopp said.

“The Solar Checklist app will be updated as standards change and, along with the Clean Energy Council’s continuous professional development program, will be a useful way to stay up-to-date. “We have had excellent feedback on the app so far and we encourage all installers to download it and try it out.” The Clean Energy Council has also developed a range of training videos for solar installers, including one on ‘Testing an Installation’, that can be used alongside the Solar Checklist app. Visit the Clean Energy Council’s YouTube channel at to access them.

The development of the Solar Checklist app and the training videos were made possible through co-investment from the Industry System Change business activity of the National VET E-learning Strategy.




ABB’s Metal Load Centres

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When it comes to enclosures for products such as MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs, ABB Australia can provide you with aABB LOGO PMS032 red jpg complete solution to cover all your requirements from domestic through to commercial and industrial applications.

To compliment ABBs range of plastic consumer units and sub distribution boards, a range of metal load centres are now available. Designed for commercial and light industrial applications, the ABBM series of metal load centres is available in three sizes. Powder coated in a RAL7035 rippled texture, the range is manufactured from zinc annealed steel.

Metal Load Centre 2

Each size is fitted with complying earth and neutral bars, DIN rail and circuit schedule labels are also included. Cable knockouts are provided on the top, bottom and rear of the enclosure.

All units are designed for surface mounting and a lockable door is available to prevent access to installed product. A flush mount escutcheon is also available if recessed mounting is required. The units have a protection rating of IP30 (surface mounted) or IP40 if the lockable door is used.


Buy online or drop into your local Rexel branch.

Master Electricians partnering with the Heavyweights

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Master Electricians Australia has announced a new alliance with electrical manufacturing heavyweight Clipsal & Schneider Master Electricians LogoElectric!

Master Electricians Australia chief executive Malcolm Richards said the new agreement signed between Master Electricians Australia and Clipsal & Schneider Electric would provide a number of benefits for the electrical industry.

“Both Master Electricians Australia and Clipsal & Schneider Electric are committed to promoting energy efficiency to the industry and community, making this alliance a strong fit,” Mr Richards said.

“Through the alliance, Master Electricians Australia together with Clipsal & Schneider Electric partners, including Club Clipsal and EcoXpert partners, will receive the benefit of stronger industry support and exclusive member-only deals.

“Clipsal & Schneider Electric partners were also recently able to attend Master Electricians Australia’s exclusive round of Energy Efficiency industry forums in Cairns.

“The forums are focused around preparing energy efficiency in the home and will greatly boost members’ knowledge of and opportunities within the sector – furthering our commitment to educating contractors on how to identify and implement opportunities to reduce our key impacts to environment.”

Vice President of Clipsal and Schneider Electric Partner Business David Gardner said together with Master Electricians Australia , the business would continue to focus on making energy safer, and more reliable and efficient.

“The Clipsal & Schneider Electric Partner Business in Australia is dedicated to bringing benefit to our channel partners, as one team we represent two leading brands,” Mr Gardner said.

“As a global specialist in energy management with operations in over 100 countries, we have an active commitment to help individuals and organisations make the most of their energy.”

Mr Richards said the alliance also meant that Master Electricians Australia’s strengths as a national membership organisation would be further bolstered.



Public Safety ignored in National Electrical Licensing

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Electrical installations in homes, and other buildings, will become less safe if the current plan to introduce a lowest-common-denominator national licence for people neca_logoworking in the electrical industry goes ahead as proposed by the Federal Government and overseen by the National Occupational and Licensing Authority (NOLA).

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), and other industry parties, unanimously agree that the current proposals fail the community in every way possible.  It lowers the basic standards and forces all electrical contractors into a one-size-fits-all model.  And as a result, NECA cannot support the proposed national licensing model and will seek to lobby the Federal Government to have it modified.

“At NECA we have long sought a national licensing system for both electricians and electrical contractor licences, to replace the current long-standing state-based systems,” says James Tinslay, CEO.  “We can drive anywhere in Australia with a state-based driver’s licence and there is a single national cabling licensing system.  So we have long been questioning why there isn’t a national electrical licensing system,” he adds.

NECA has been deeply involved for over three years in the National Occupational Licensing Scheme advisory groups and has consistently over that time provided advice at odds with the content of this final proposal.  These are in some cases issues of detail but also there are high level issues that undermine longstanding industry performance and safety standards.  The proposals will result in lower levels of safety and technical expertise available to households and the Australian community.

For electrical contractor licensing, the proposed removal of all existing additional competencies is inexplicable given that such additional skills add to employee safety and some level of assurance for consumers.

“Last week’s announcement is yet another example of where the Federal Government is not listening to industry,” points out Tinslay.  “And considering the recent debacle with the pink batts/insulation program – where four young people died unnecessarily, simply because the government did not heed the advice it received from industry prior to launching the initiative.  It is very worrying to see the same thing potentially happening again.  Understanding how to manage projects involving electricity is a highly skilled profession and any attempt to undermine that skill is putting people’s lives at risk.  We don’t believe the Government should be allowed to make this mistake again,” Tinslay concluded.



Stronger Industry Representation for Electrical Contracting Businesses

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Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has announced more contractors and businesses within the electrical sector will now receive stronger industry representation Master Electricians Logonationwide

The Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and MEA will join strengths as a national membership association to be collectively known as Master Electricians Australia.

MEA chief executive Malcolm Richards said this was a significant step forward in the history of the ECA and MEA.

“While ECA has a long history as a progressive Queensland member organisation, the ECA Council recently made the decision to align Queensland with other states and operate under the Master Electricians banner as one national entity,” Mr Richards said.

“We are joining the strengths of the two organisations – one of Australia’s largest contractor membership organisations, with the only national quality and safety accreditation scheme.

“This will create a national membership organisation with a powerful voice and a proven record of lobbying on behalf of contractors and our industry.

“But uniquely it will also offer the opportunity for members to achieve national recognition for excellence in the areas of quality, safety and energy efficiency.”

Mr Richards said the decision to join the strengths of the two organisations was based upon strong support and feedback from the organisations’ members and from industry.

“The MEA state managers and I spoke with numerous industry members and businesses and the general consensus was a unified national entity would achieve better representation for electrical contracting businesses across the country,” he said.

“As a national organisation, we can ensure even more industry voices are heard, and greater outcomes are achieved.

“We will continue to lead our industry and connect Master Electricians members to professional opportunities and success locally and nationally.”

Small Business Campaign

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The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA)  has welcomed the launch of the small business campaign (Too Big to Ignore campaign) and said it will give the campaign its full support. The campaign website  ( is where small business owners, employees and the community are able to pledge their support for the campaign, donate to the fighting fund, and share their stories of business life in Australia.


NECA’s Chief Executive Officer James Tinslay, said, “Most of our members are small electrical and communications contractors and they are fed-up at having their needs ignored by politicians and governments. We urge all our members to go online and support this important campaign.”

“By uniting the many voices of small business around the country, the campaign’s aim is to change the attitudes and actions of politicians and governments and to show them that, together, small business is too big to ignore,” said Mr Tinslay.

“The campaign will bring together in the one place the deeply personal accounts from real small business operators who have agreed to share their stories. It will give the widest possible group of small business the platform through which they can participate in the national debate. They may be small voices on their own, but together small business can make a big noise in Canberra.”

The campaign will highlight that there are over two million small businesses in Australia that together employ more than seven million Australians or more than 60% of the workforce. Initially the campaign will concentrate on key small business issues like reducing government cost and red-tape burdens, employment reform, tax relief and better infrastructure.


Robus Induction High Bay Case Study

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HAT 200W Induction High Bay


ROBUS is a new range of winning lighting products now available throughout our branches. Produced by ‘THE LED GROUP’, Robus products are international best sellers, brand leaders in the UK and trading in Australia for over 2 years.

Below, we detail their HAT 200W Induction Hugh Bay that was  recently installed into Wesley Linens factory in Darra, Queensland to great effect. Many features of this efficient product are as follows:

  • Full colour spectrum light
  • Clear light, ideal for work space or under CCTV
  • Low lamp disposal costs
  • 100,000 hour average lamp life
  • No flicker, strobing or noise
  • Instant start on photocell or motion sensor, suitable as part of intelligent energy management
  • Excellent CRI 80
  • Wide operating temperature range -25 to +45 C
  • Universal Ballast
  • 5 Year Warranty

This project was an Induction Highbay refit with 28 ROBUS Hat 200W Induction High Bay replacing the 400W Highbay with a strong focus towards energy savings and lowering. According to Peter Matthews of Wesley Linen Services, the decision to purchase induction lamping followed testing of led, metal halide and induction trial units in various locations throughout our plant.

Installation was straight forward with each lamp pre-wired for local supply voltage. The advantages of this lamp over other technology for Wesley Linen Service was that there was an extensive operating life with little drop off in light intensity over the life of the lamp. This translates to consistent light output exceeding Australian Standards for processing work and considerable savings with no re -lamping required for a long periods. Labour savings are also expected as a result of minimal maintenance activity.

Energy Savings: With a saving of 200W per fitting this equates to a total of 28,955 kWhrs per year for the entire installation in the linen processing plant. Total$ savings per year will be $7,055 with an installation payback of just over 1 year and C02 savings of 16 tonnes/year.

The ApprenticeConnect mentoring contract extended for another year

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Master Electricians are pleased to announce that the mentoring contract Apprentice that has been in place for the last year has been extended by the Department of Master Electricians LogoIndustry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education for a further 12 months.

This is good news for Master Electricians members who can access the ApprenticeConnect service completely free of charge for a further 12 months for a first or second year electrical apprentice thanks to Federal Government funding subsidising this service.

The funding enables members to access the ApprenticeConnect program for 12 months at no additional cost. On completion of the 12 months, the member can continue to receive ApprenticeConnect services on a ‘fee for service’ arrangement.

ApprenticeConnect is an apprenticeship management and mentoring service that employers (members and non-members) can engage for the duration of the apprenticeship. The extension will also allow for the mentoring services to be rolled out in Western Australia which MEA WA State Manager Anthony Mancini says will provide an excellent opportunity for the growing membership to build their businesses.

“Finding information about employing an apprentice can be confusing or daunting so we can now provide accurate and up-to-date information or point members in the right direction.

“It is anticipated the mentoring services in WA will commence in July 2013. Having the funding to provide dedicated mentors who can meet with members and apprentices in person or over the phone will help develop staff easily and cost effectively,” Mr Mancini said.

Over 270 apprentices have been engaged in the scheme and benefited from the support provided by our Apprenticeship Mentors over the last 12 months and it is expected that this number will significantly increase as the services are rolled out in Western Australia.

Services are tailored to the needs of each individual employer and apprentice. Employers and apprentices are assigned their own Apprenticeship Mentor for the duration of the apprenticeship.

The ApprenticeConnect service can include all of the below services, or a combination of services to suit the requirements of each individual apprenticeship.

Advertising and shortlisting of candidates; testing and initial interview and recommendation to employer of suitable candidate for direct interviews.

Sign up process
When an apprentice has been selected, there are several sign up processes that must take place to register the apprentice and employer as having an apprenticeship relationship. These processes also allow for training to commence and incentives to be assessed.

The sign up includes facilitating the Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) induction and completion of the Training Contract; registration with eProfiling (online training record / log book) and facilitating a Training Plan with the Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Both the employer and apprentice will be visited on a regular basis. Visits are more frequent in the 1st and 2nd year as there are more demands upon the apprentice and employer. During visits, topics such as off-the-job progression, supervision, tool allowance and incentives are discussed.

The employer and apprentice can contact the ApprenticeConnect Australia team at any time should they require any further assistance throughout the apprenticeship.



Connecting to the Masses

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The National Broadband Network is being rolled out across the country, bringing with it improved delivery of services in areas such as business, education, entertainment and health. As the roll out continues, the first 40 communities involved have been earmarked as locations to establish Digital Hubs.

With support from Clipsal by Schneider Electric and funding from the Australian Government, the City of Prospect, South Australia has developed one such Hub and officially opened it to the public on April 30.

“The Digital Hub showcases how the NBN technology can be used in the home environment,” Justin Commons, Director, Business and Economic Development, City of Prospect said. “We have our hub set up with different areas such as a kitchen, living room and home office. These spaces have been furnished with NBN ready appliances, such as a Smart Fridge which has an internet connected touch screen on the front, and internet ready television, which can be used to browse the internet from the comfort of your couch.”

A Clipsal by Schneider Electric NBN distribution unit is installed at the site. The unit has been specifically developed to house NBN components. It can also accommodate many other connectivity options including wireless networking equipment.

An area has also been reserved for workstations, where 15-20 people can work or train at wireless computers, or watch the video wall, where video conferencing and presentations can be broadcast around the world. To power all these connections, Clipsal structured networking products have been donated to the site. Clipsal data outlets sit behind the fridge, televisions and alsoC-Bus  touchscreen in the home office areas. A Clipsal C-Bus lighting system, utilising Clipsal’s LED downlights, has been installed in the building.

To access the lighting control, two DLT switches have been installed, along with a Clipsal Colour Touch Screen. Integrated into this, is Clipsal Wiser, which through an iPad or iPhone, allows the user to log into the building and monitor and activate lighting, security and energy usage. Clipsal Cable Management floor boxes have also been installed at the site to carry power and data connections to the areas they require.

The C-Bus system has been configured so that once the room is alarmed, the lights will automatically dim down and then power to all the outlets will be turned off. This means that energy savings are made because appliances are not left in standby mode. To further promote energy efficiency, energy monitoring has been integrated into the C-Bus system.

In addition to the main room, a conference room has also been kitted out with the new technology. This conference room is designed to facilitate video conferencing, and in the future it will be available to local businesses and residents who wish to use the technology.


For more information about Clipsal’s NBN offering, visit and search for NBN

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