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Product Recalls You Need to Know About

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NHP DC Solar isolator switches

NHP KDA-432 and KDM-432 metal and plastic versions

NHP DC Solar isolator switches with date codes from x0113 to x3813 (x can be any number between 1 and 5) have been recalled.

Note: The last four digits are critical to identifying the affected product. Switches with date codes x3913 and above are not affected. These date codes are labelled internally and should only be accessed by an authorised electrical contractor.

The switch is defective and may still be ‘ON’ even when the handle is indicating ‘OFF’. There is a risk of electric shock to the electrical contractor during maintenance and installation.

The switches were available for sale from 11 July 2013 to 11 February 2014 nationally at electrical wholesalers as well as direct from NHP sales offices.

Defective switches are required to be replaced and re-sellers should cease supplying switches with affected date codes and arrange returns by contacting NHP Electrical Engineering Product Pty Ltd on (03) 9368 4088.

Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Ltd – Clipsal 413 Surface Socket

The Clipsal 413 Surface Sockets have been recalled as the terminal colour identification has been reversed on some of the products. If the active and earth wires are terminated to match the colours, there is a risk of electric shock if the surface socket is used with a class 1 (earthed) appliance.

This product was available for sale from 9 January 2014 to 21 February 2014 nationally at electrical wholesalers. This recall applies to Clipsal 413 Surface Sockets with identifying features Cat No-413-WE, Batch Code – 201348, PR413-WE, MP413-WE.

The product can be returned for a full refund at or by calling 1300 733 907.

Total Tools – Detroit & Saber Generators

The following Total Tools generators have been recalled:

    • Detroit 7.5KVA 15HP Recoil Start Generator and Detroit 3.1KVA 2500W 6.5HP Recoil Start Generator with part numbers YW8000HECO or DFD3000HS2
    • Saber 7.5kVA/7500W Generator with part number SGEN7500ECO.

These products were manufactured with a Multiple Earth Neutral (MEN) link between the neutral and earth without a Residual Current Device (RCD), which is non-compliant with safety clause 6 of AS2790 Electricity generating sets.

In addition, the Saber generator circuit breaker switch for equipment (CBE) is single pole, which is non-compliant with safety clause 3.1.4.

If a fault occurs in the units or equipment the MEN, which is bonded to the frame, can cause the frame to become live with electrical current and possibly cause an electric shock.

The product was sold in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria at 37 Total Tools franchised stores.

Consumers should cease using the product immediately and return their unit to the Total Tools store where purchased for rectification of the defect.

Visit to view a comprehensive list of product recalls.

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Are you licensed to install security equipment?

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If you install, repair or maintain security equipment as part of your job, then even if you are already a licensed electrician, cable or other contractor, you also need to be licensed as a security provider.

Security equipment is designed to enhance property for protection and can include:

  • alarm systems
  • audio or visual recording systems (CCTV)
  • access control devices
  • safes and vaults
  • intrusion detectors.

You do not have to be licensed as a security equipment installer if you install basic security items or do retail key cutting. Basic security items include:

  • portable safes weighing less than 50 kg
  • security mesh doors or window grilles
  • electronic or mechanical locks for household security
  • motion sensor lights that do not activate alarms.

Given the sensitive nature of surveillance and the vital work of enhancing public safety and protecting critical infrastructure, it is important that everyone is licensed.

Heavy penalties apply to anyone installing security equipment without a licence or to firms supplying security services using unlicensed installers. Avoid these penalties by finding out more about the licensing requirements on the Office of Fair Trading website.

Article Source : QLD Government Web Site

Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program

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The National Electrical and Communication Associations (NECA) is pleased that the Royal Commission has today officially begun hearing evidence in Brisbane.”NECA believes this will lead to a definitive conclusion to ensure future governments learn from this tragic mistake”said Suresh Manickam, NECA CEO.
“We offered to help with the design of this program late in 2008, and wrote to the Minister leading the program – Peter Garrett, in March 2009 expressing our concerns. However, it would appear that our advice was not heeded,” he added.NECA has been summoned to produce documentation for the Commission, where we will attend in person and cooperate fully.

“We hope this Royal Commission will give the families affected some comfort and closure. Importantly we hope that processes will change so we can avoid the repeat of such a tragedy in the future,” concluded Mr Manickam.

Click here to read the NECA letter to the minister

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Robus 10w LEDCHROIC Downlight

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Since its introduction, the ROBUS brand of lighting solutions has become synonymous with innovation, quality and value for money.

Simple installation, significant energy savings and ‘fit and forget’ solutions are key hallmarks of the range.

Product: LEDD/L1050K60DHWHT

Features of Product 10W LEDChroic 5000K 60° Beam Angle includes Driver, Flex & Plug

– An LED solution that replicates the look and feel of halogen dichroic

– Low glare, shadow free light No infra-red Retrofit for MR16; superb solution for hospitality, retail, office and home environments

– Lasts 20 times longer than halogen Better light output than 50W MR16 and over 78% energy savings

– Dimmable with leading and trailing edge dimmers 50,000 hour lamp life

Also Available In: 3000K/5000K White/Silver 38°/60° degree beam


“I recommended the ROBUS 10W LEDChroic to my client because it really is one of the most reliable down lights I have come across. It was also very important to the client for the light to replicate the look and feel of the dichroic and no other downlight on the market does this as well as the 10W LEDChroic. You can always feel confident recommending the ROBUS 10W LEDChroic thanks to its proven performance, reliability and fantastic price.”

Lachlan MacLeod, Rexel Energy Solutions Energy Saving.


Wiha Torque VDE Screwdrivers

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The TorqueVario -S VDE with integrated scale in combination with the slimTorque VDE bit holder and slimBits offer controlled tightening of screws with simultaneous user safety for electrical applications.

The three components (handle, bit holder and bits) provide safety up to 1,000 V AC / 1,500 V DC. The TorqueVario®-S VDE series has three models covering torque ranges from 0.6 Nm up to 8.0 Nm.

It is easy to identify the benefits of this innovative product right here:- The world’s only completely certified VDE torque system- Clearly audible and perceptible click on attaining the preset torque

– Up to 33% reduction of the blade diameter in the critical working area allows effortless access to low-lying fastening/ spring elements.

– Torque accuracy ±6% of the pre-set scale value

– Safety when working with live equipment up to 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC

– Delivered with factory calibration certificate

– Fulfills all accuracy requirements as defined by EN ISO 6789, BS EN 26789 and ASME B 107.14M

Wiha slimTorque VDE Bithalter: Absolute safety even if mistakes are made: no metal connection between the bit holder and blade tang

Click Here to download the Specifications sheet


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Solar Tariff to benefit homeowners

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Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has supported the State Government’s decision to abandon the 8 cent solar feed-in tariff, saying it gives homeowners the opportunity toMaster Electricians Logo shop around for the best deal with retailers.

MEA Queensland State Manager Stephen King said new scheme meant most solar users would be able to start to play retailers off against each other to get a better deal.

“It makes sense for energy retailers to be paying a tariff for power put back into the grid by homeowners, rather than the government,” Mr King said.

“Removal of the tariff will foster competition and enable homeowners to shop around and the feed-in tariff may well increase with the added completion.

“Consumers should take this as an opportunity to not only ensure they are getting a fair deal but to do a full check of their home’s energy efficiency to see where else they can make savings.

“Homeowners can get a Master Electrician to come into their home and identify the most energy efficiency investments for their household.”





Clipsal’s pop-up Solutions for Home & Office

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Clipsal’s Power Outlets provide an innovative and neat approach to Power Solutions! CLIPSAL-LOGO-bySchneider

Clipsal Pop-Up Power Outlets are ideal for any home or office applications where safe and convenient access to power is required. Neat and innovative, Clipsal Pop-Up Power Outlets provide a discreet and tidy appearance when not in use and their pop-up action is sure to impress. They accommodate a twin auto switched socket, which makes them ideal for almost any application.

This power solution offers greater safety and peace of mind around the home, particularly in areas like the kitchen and work top benches. Risk is minimised with this power solution as it helps prevent cable plugged into the side of bench tops being pulled off and also keeps cables away from the hands of small children.

Stylish Colours. Sleek Design.

Clipsal have extended their range of pop-up power outlets to include a selection of colours to complement any interior décor, and when you combine this with the sleek design, you have a power solution that’s bound to turn heads.

Click HERE to purchase online! 

Features & Benefits

  • Easy access to power where you needs it
  • Twin power outlets
  • Wide Colour selection
  • Pre-wired for easy installation
  • Safe Power solution
  • Splash and dust proof (IP44 rated)

Click HERE to download the specification guide



Electricians backing safer, more productive work sites!

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Master Electricians Australia have endorsed changes introduced to Parliament by the Master Electricians LogoQueensland Government aimed at ensuring worksites are safer and better protected from union abuse.

Master Electricians Australia’s General Manager-Workforce Policy, Jason O’Dwyer, said the tougher penalties for electrical safety breaches were a welcome step in protecting workers and keeping them safe on the job. Employers would also welcome additional protection against union bullying and disruption on building sites.

“We’ve seen building unions cause significant delays to major projects by exploiting obscure loopholes or simply thumbing their noses at the law,” Mr O’Dwyer said.

“We’ve seen regular use of safety issues as the basis for spurious right of entry claims. “Everybody wants safe and secure workplaces, where everyone who goes to work at the start of the day goes home safely again at the end of it.

“However, this mutual concern for safety should not be abused for industrial purposes. It not only cripples productivity and puts jobs at risk, but in the end it weakens the awareness of genuine safety issues on sites.

“Fictitious claims ultimately lead to complacency, and in the building industry employers cannot afford complacency.

“For the safety of workers, for the productivity of work sites and for everyone’s job security, it is good to see a government taking action in this important area.”

Mr O’Dwyer praised the Attorney-General for his efforts in bringing the new laws before the Parliament, and said major contractors and employers would be keen to assist the government with their implementation.




iPhone & Android Apps NOW Available

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Following the launch of  WebMobile & the successful iOS App for smart phone devices, Rexel Australia are proud to provide 2 valuable mobile resources for iPhone and Android users!


These resources are an iPhone & Android mobile App that aims to provide useful features & functions to benefit our valued customers including:

  • Quick Access to meaningful industry news
  • A comprehensive Store Finder, so you can quickly find you’re closest Rexel branch where ever your work takes you in Australia.
  • Reference material to assist you with quick calculations, fact checking or conversions.
  • Feedback & Social Media – this will let our customers have their say, start community discussions on Twitter or Facebook and tell us what’s important to them.
  • Access to all things Rexel including an active link to your account information via our online WebMobile store.
  • Promotions and detailed Product information are also at customers fingertips.
  • There is much more to come as the Apps grow & evolve based on customer feedback.

The Rexel iOS App is available through the Apple App store while the Rexel Android app is available for download from the Google PLAY store



NBN Roll out update welcomed by Industry!

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High-speed broadband is critical to determining the future competitiveness and productivity of EDC-logo-2Australian businesses. The current transitions underway in our economy highlight the urgency of that investment task,”Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) Chief Executive Innes Willox said.

“According to ABS data, only 3% of business and government users have high-speed broadband connections, and the figure is lower for small and medium businesses. Most businesses – over 70% – still access the internet via lower-speed ADSL.

“Australian businesses recognise that access to high-speed broadband is increasingly important to their business. 75% of the businesses we surveyed late last year rated access to high-speed broadband as important to their business over the next two to three years.

“We therefore welcome today’s announcement that the currently planned rollout will continue until the end of 2014 and that work is underway for a smooth transition to the multitechnology model from 2015.

“Suppliers, service providers, shareholders and business customers need certainty about the roll out so they can plan and invest with confidence.

“Of course, there are inherent challenges in revising the model. Meeting a 2020 roll out timetable depends on a series of chips falling into place and minimal disruption to the current roll out.

“NBN Co’s transparency is welcomed in setting out the process they and the government will follow, but these issues must be managed closely to avoid delays. We are looking for more detail about the quality and type of services that will be available to business users under the multitechnology model ahead of the release of the new Corporate Plan later this year.

“We will also examine the findings of the full Broadband Availability and Quality Report, released on 20 February.

“Telecommunications infrastructure remains a concern for business. Ai Group’s latest broadband survey found nearly 40% of businesses rated their existing infrastructure as inadequate. The problem is particularly acute for businesses in outer metropolitan and regional areas.

“Changes to the model or roll out timetable to address under served areas need to encourage cost-effective and high-quality services for businesses as well as residential users.”


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