Simple and versatile
LED luminaires from LEDVANCE


Ideally suited for your everyday requirements:
LEDVANCE® LED luminaires are the first choice when it comes to functional lighting solutions, ensuring the right light in the most common applications. All luminaires are fitted with high-quality LED modules in the highest energy efficiency classes (A, A+ and A++).


  • Replacement for 250 W/400 W HQL high-bay luminaires
  • Energy savings up to 50 % compared to luminaire with traditional technologies
  • Compact and exclusive LEDVANCE design: weight and size optimized
  • Different luminous flux and beam angle for mounting heights of 6 to 14 m
  • Accessories (hook and bracket) included

LEDVANCE® Spot LED spotlights

  • Direct replacement for conventional halogen spots
  • Energy savings of up to 90 % compared to luminaires with traditional technologies
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Advanced flexibility due to external drive
  • Common family design with LEDVANCE® Downlights
  • LEDVANCE Spot Fire-Proof: Fire rating up to 90 minutes, BS476-20:1987 and BS476-21:1987

LEDVANCE® Downlight

  • Direct replacement for CFL downlights
  • Energy savings of up to 60 % compared to luminaire with traditional technologies
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Advanced flexibility due to external driver
  • Common family design with LEDVANCE Spots

LEDVANCE® Panel Recessed LED luminaires

  • Direct replacement for traditional louvre luminaires with 4x14 W or 4x18W fluorescent lamps
  • Energy savings of up to 50 % compared to luminaires with traditional technologies
  • Very homogenous light
  • Advanced flexibility due to external driver 
  • Very slim aluminum housing (only 10.5 mm) and matt white frame

Variety and quality OSRAM LED lamps

The widest LED lamp portfolio of all times under OSRAM brand now also offers your customers a unique selection of full-glass LED lamps – in sizes and appearance identical to traditional lamps but with all of the advantages of modern LED technology. The SubstiTUBE® product portfolio also stands out with innovations such as wireless sensor control or an LED retrofit for T5 fluorescent lamps.


  • Wide operating voltage range guarantees reliability and lifetime
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Short length, standard diameter, 10,000 Hrs, CRI 80, 150 deg, non-dim
  • Boasts up to 89 lumens per watt
  • Environmentally safe - mercury free

The “LED incandescent lamps”: OSRAM LED Star Filament Lamp

  • Lifespan of 15,000 hours
  • Non dimmable
  • Basic system compatibility (transformers)

OSRAM LED Star Classic Lamp

  • Up to 80 % energy savings compared with conventional incandescent lamps of comparable light intensity
  • Instant 100 % light, no warm-up time
  • No mercury, UV or IR radiation
  • Shockproof and vibration-proof thanks to LED technology

OSRAM LED Value Stick Lamp

  • Compact tubular design, ideal for CFL fittings and fan lights
  • 40% more efficient than self-ballasted CFLi
  • Wide 220 deg beam spread
  • CRI 80
  • Comfortable ambient light, 10,000 hours, non dim
  • Environmentally safe - mercury free

Modern Classics
Vintage Edition 1906

The Vintage Edition 1906 from LEDVANCE breathes new life into historical lamp shapes – thanks to modern lighting technology. Each of the five lamps can be combined with the PenduLum Pro luminaire to create a perfect pairing that enriches your customers’ rooms with a stylish vintage accent.

PenduLum Pro pendant luminaire

  • An anodized aluminum base that comes in black or gold
  • Reduced industry design and authentic materials
  • Extra-long cable and a leash for flexible hanging that employs the pull cord principle

Vintage 1906 LED

  • Two classic lamp shapes – Globe and Edison
  • Atmospheric discreet light
  • Energy savings of up to 80% by LED technology compared to conventional incandescent lamps
  • Available dimmable and non-dimmable

Clever Construction

Thanks to the extra long textile cable and various suspension options of the PenduLum Pro, the light can be placed exactly where you need it.

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