Rexel Online – the Industry Leader in Online Shopping

Rexel specialises in all levels of E-Commerce solutions to ensure that you get the right level of integration that suits your business needs. Rexel have the industry leading online store allowing customers to save time by ordering their electrical supplies online, anytime! Built on state of the art technology, the Rexel Online store allows customers to order online with their local branch, showing live stock levels and the customer’s negotiated by price on every item.

We have gone to extraordinary levels to ensure that the product data in the online store is the richest in the industry today. This combined with the advanced Rexel Parametric Search engine, ensures that products have never been easier to find and buy online. Register your interest in creating your online store account today!.

Rexel E-Procurement Solutions – Expertise for Enterprise Customers

As part of our complete solution for enterprise level customers, Rexel offers a fully integrated, closed order cycle. Our new online store can deliver punch-out capability in either OCI or xCBL standards. This enables customers to fully leverage the power of our new state of the art search engine and rich product content to quickly find the products they need. Once a user checks out a shopping cart, the punch-out feature is activated and the data is delivered to the client business system.

Full EDI connectivity is available to allow the customer to receive the full suite of EDI documents, including orders, change orders, order responses, advanced shipping notices and invoices. This all combines to save you money in order processing and error reduction costs.

Our strong commitment to this solution suite ensures that we have the right level of integration available for any customer requirement. Our architecture ensures that we can seamlessly connect to any capable customer in the marketplace using any document standard. Last year alone, Rexel processed over 400,000 electronic transactions through our network from over 40 connected trading partners.

Our hosted catalogue/EDI solution is just one part of the Rexel Projects cost mitigation approach that has driven successful cost reduction strategies with some of the biggest companies in the Australian marketplace. Contact a Rexel Industrial representative in your state to arrange for one of our E-Procurement Specialists to find the right solution for your integration needs today.

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